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Autoclave Free PVB/EVA Laminated Glass Production Line

PVB laminating machines without autoclaves can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor safety glass products, such as escalators, guardrails, scenic roads, sunrooms, and anti-theft glass. PVB laminating machines consume very little electricity, making them a preferable choice for projects that require low power consumption. - The machine without autoclave utilizes individual drawer heating design to laminate glass, offering high efficiency and quality. With this new PVB laminated glass machine, anti-theft glass production can be used for outdoor safety glass, guardrails and scenic glass roads. In addition to the standard laminated glass production, this machine is also capable of producing multi-layer laminated glass with PVB film for decoration escalators, guardrails and escalators.

The lamination line is made to produce architectural laminated glass, bulletproof laminated glass, decorative laminated glass, and tempering laminated glass. It keeps the laminated glass intact by providing sandwiched interlayer between two pieces of flat glass products. The Autoclave Free PVB EVA Glass Laminating Production Line provides continuous production with its current popular adhesive films and gives great structural integrity. Moreover, it can provide equipment for grade decorative glasses with printed PET film or other decorative interlayers. This product offers great safety features as well as efficient lamination of the EVA film and PVB film to make sure that the aesthetics of the glasses are at its best quality.

It is an autoclave free production line that utilizes adhesive bonding between the safety glazing material and glass surface. The polyolefin material used in the process ensures the highest adhesion level and fine tuning of the EVA interlayer between the two glass surfaces. It can also absorb part of the impact energy, which allows for release of PVB interlayer in case of any strong impact or force. Furthermore, with a minimum take water table, it is able to provide safety performance that meets stringent requirements set by industry standards.

The Autoclave Free PVB EVA Glass Laminating Production Line is a machine that is used to make safety glass by laminating two or more pieces of glass together with EVA polymers. This production line is widely used for PVB interlayers and its finished products are laminated glass with excellent performance of safety, strength, sound insulation and heat insulation. This machine also features a self-loading device that allows it to load heavy pieces, providing convenience in production. The furnace popular in many areas, such as China, India, Europe and America. Sagertec, as a manufacturer of glass machinery, offer the laminating equipment, solutions and sales service worldwide. The glass furnace is workable to produce SGP glass as well as PVB glass with ordinary film.