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About Us

Sagertec. is a professional designer and manufacturer for glass machinery, who is specialized in glass laminating sector with decade experience.It has perfect solution and very rich experience for glass lamination by unique technology and advanced equipment. All of the machines comply with CE regulation and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets in all over the world. The main products are including: Non-autoclave PVB glass laminating machine, autoclave-free PVB/EVA glass laminating furnace, EVA glass laminating furnace , glass laminating line, and tempering glass heatsoak furnace. As a result of our unique technology, high quality and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching USA,Europe,Australia, South America etc, and the machines are running in Germany, UK, USA, Australia, Brazil etc. where more than 60 counties and areas.

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Key Products & Tech.

Sagertec. is always devoted to developing and innovating on glass laminating technology, with many years experience and unremitting efforts, Sagertec. has created the PVB glass laminating machine, which is a completed new technology for glass lamination. The PVB glass laminating furnace is a new generation of glass laminating machinery, has many advantages against the traditional way: it works perfectly with normal PVB film by autoclave-free (so, it is also called as autoclave-free PVB glass laminating mchine); no request for the climate room to control humidity; very flexible for production, around each 10 minutes per batch, suitable for both bulk and single piece production; no need other auxiliary equipment, low investment and easy operation . The quality of the finished glass is same or even better than the one processed by traditonal way.

In Sagertec’s glass laminating equipemet family, it invoves PVB glass laminating furnace, EVA glass lamiating furnace and PVB/EVA glass laminating furnace, which more than 20 diefferent models available for your choice, we are surely you will find the most proper glass laminating machine for your glass business here !

PVB Glass Laminating Machine

PVB GLass Laminating Furnace

Glass Laminating Machine

EVA Glass Laminating Furnace

EVA Glass Laminating Machine

Glass Laminating Furnace

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PVB / EVA Glass Laminating Furnace

PVB / EVA Glass Laminating Machine

News & Articles


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