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PVB film

PVB film is the high polymer materials made by polyvinyl butyral resin and elasticizer after plasticating, swelling and mixing processing, the appearance looks pressed film, translucence without impurity, even surface with certain granulation and good softness. It has the very good cementing power to the mineral glass, has transparently, heat-resisting, cold resistant, the moisture resistant, the mechanical strength higher characteristic, and has the very good anti-longitudinal strength and the break elongation ratio, is the very important material to make laminated glass.

The PVB film is no poison, no bad flavor, no caustic and no easily flammable with good transparency, good insulating, season tolerance, wearable, water proof, decrepitude-resistant,

The PVB film divides into the refrigeration membrane and the normal temperature membrane two kinds in the storage way. In order to prevent film own caking, the refrigeration membrane request in 10°C below the preserve and the transportation, the storage life is 6 months. The normal temperature membrane uses the lining isolation membrane to prevent film own caking, in 10~ 25°C under may preserve 6 months to 2 years.

  • Security. Because the life advantage abundant interface layer and the glass reliable toughness caking, the structural purpose laminated glass has become one performance fine safety glass material. Once the glass suffered destroys its fragment still to be able to stick with the interface layer in the same place, because might avoid the glass falling creates the personal injuries or the property damage. Regardless of the vertical installment inclines the installment, it can resist the penetration which the accident hits. And, the entire block glass still maintained complete may continue to resist hits and keeps out the wind obstructs the rain.


  • Anti-penetrability. Compares with the advantage abundant interface layer production's laminated glass with other glass products, has the protective function to the person and the property. Standard “two clamp one” the glass to be able to resist the general impact penetration; Even if encounters the force destruction to present the aperture, its gap is also minimum. Once destroys, the intermediate level still played the security role to the building, replaces until the glass. The different use's laminated glass uses interface layer thickness is dissimilar. Must guard against the general foreign substance and the larceny, must use at least two 0.38 film; But the bulletproof glass at least must use three 0.76 or six 0.38 film.


  • Structure complete. In the normal load situation, the laminated glass performance is basically same as the monolithic glass performance, however, once the glass has broken to pieces, the laminated glass obviously maintains its integrity, very little has the glass fragment to fall.


  • Solar energy control.The natural photo-conductivity is playing the vital role in the window design, but too many sunlight will also cause the too high quantity of heat, will have each kind of stable coloration with the advantage abundant interface layer production's laminated glass, through will absorb the ultraviolet ray, the visible light and in the infrared wave length spectrum energy controls the hot increase, the majority the energy which will absorb after is radiated once more and the convection passes to outdoor disappears falls.


  • Sound-insulated. The glass is one solid matter is the effective acoustic shield by no means that if the repugnant voice through the glass conduction, has the annoyed influence to the indoor personnel. In laminated glass's high resilience Lifeng advantage abundant interface layer has the retardation to the sound pressure wave, reduced the loathful voice conduction extremely effectively.


  • Anti- ultraviolet ray.Benefitted the abundant interface layer maximum limit to reduce the ultra-violet rays, has covered 99% above harmful optical fiber. Like this is helpful to the protection precious furniture, the wall maps, the exhibit or the commodity, in order to avoid being produced ultraviolet radiation's influence the discoloration.

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