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SZ-W25 Glass Washing Machine

SZ-W25 glass washing and drying machine adopts horizontal structure and is used for cleaning and drying flat glass. It is applied with gear system for transmission; frequency for speed adjustment; the brushes are driven by 2 groups of motors independently,so that ensure the stability; all  the parts contatced with water are water-proof material; optional of frequency control for air-blower; pre-spray at entrance of the machine;There are various types available for different glass, float, coating and low-E glass.




Max.Glass Width


Min.Glass Size


Glass Thickness


Working Speed

0-14 Meters/Minute


3 pairs

Air Knife

2 pairs


41 KW


4100 Kg



A glass washing machine is a type of washing equipment used in the manufacturing of flat glass and laminated glass. It is mainly composed of a washing section and a drying section. The washing section utilizes powerful pumps to spray pure water onto the upper nozzle, This process helps remove dust or other impurities from the surface of the glass. The drying section helps dry off any residual water on the surface with hot air generated by centrifugal blower and brushes. This ensures a perfectly clean surface for further processing. The use of this horizontal flat glass washing machine simplifies production processes, saves time, and guarantees superior quality products for customers.

The advanced manufacturing technique and processing equipment provide a reliable, efficient, and accurate cleaning results for the glass. With its automatic horizontal washing structure and drying machine, it is suitable for processing flat glass with varied thicknesses. The machine features include adjustable speed settings, a strong air blowing system to effectively clean the glass surface, adjustable temperature range for drying glass of different thicknesses and materials. This allows for an efficient production process in manufacturing plants that produce flat glass products. Its robust construction provides an optimum level of safety during use and ensures durable performance over time.

The horizontal flat glass washing machine for tempered glass process and laminated glass is designed to clean large pieces of glass before production. This type of machine is ideal for insulating glass production, where it can be used to wash pairs of horizontal panes at the same time. Its high-powered brushes provide a gentle yet effective cleaning action.

A horizontal flat glass washing machine is a must-have for any window manufacturing company that produces safety glass. The washing section consists of several optical sensors and a vacuum head, which can detect when the wide glass is entering and leaving the washer. The cleaning process takes place in an automatic washer with special bristles that remove dirt, dust, and other particles from the surface of the glass. The viscous plastic layer between two pieces of laminated or tempered glass production line must including a glass washing for its glass processing. Thanks to its efficient cleaning process, this machine helps reduce waste time and increase productivity for companies that manufacture windows with laminated or tempered safety glass.

The horizontal glass washing machine is designed to clean and process single or multiple pieces of glass needing toughened glass intermediate layers. This is a must for any flat glass fabrication industry, as it provides enough room for larger panes. The machine also features a high-pressure integrator that helps to spread a viscous plastic layer between two or more lites of tempered safety glass, which are essential in the fabrication industry. By using this machine, companies can ensure that their products always meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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