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Sagertec is an international group focus on design, manufacture and supply glass machines and related solutions with decade experience in worldwide。

Sagertec will participate in the exhibition of GLASSTEC 2016 in Germany . Booth number is 11H60

  • Non-autoclave PVB production line

         Sagertec has developed a complated new generation of laminating glass production equipment. It is totally free of autoclave, but much high production then autoclave did. The important thing that the machine can work with all kind of laminating interlayer , including normal PVB film, EVA, TPU,SGP,PVG etc. And, it dose not request a claimte room for storage PVB film. The finished glass completed same or better than Autoclave did, the glass has passed quality certification . 

         The processing can work either with completed production line or single machine depend on customers investment budgets and working space. with compelted production line, it is including automatc glass loader, glass washing machine, automatic glass position table and vacuum walking lifter, PVB roller with automatic paver and film cutting sytem from 4 sides. with help of these equiment, it would be much quick and easier to assemble glass sheet with PVB film. Of cause,if you can just take a single laminating machine, all above mentioned equipment can be saved , and it act its laminating function also.