SZ-CL4028 line



  • Fully automatic glass cutting machine
  • Optimized software:Italian optima 
  • Optimized structure: It has reached the perfect match of mechanical strength and ensures the cutting table to be in shape.
  • Knife block: Japanese SMC electromagnetic valve
  •  Cutting table: It is applied with imported panel and edged with stainless steel, which protects from wet and deformation.
  • Felt: Sino-foreign joint industrial felt ( fiber and wool ) which has good flatness and protects from static and sticking cullet.
  • Positioning System : pneumatic machinery and photoelectric joint positioning, it has precise positioning and automatic boundary positioning
  • system which needn't edge so it improves glass cutting efficiency.
  • Rails: equipped with automatic grease lubrication system , grease frequency can be set according to the actual use of the environment control .
  • Fuel supply : with a double oil ( divided into general and advanced cutting oil cutting fluid ) and air filtration device to ensure the use of clean
  • cutting oil, automatic oiling synchronized with the knife while cutting glass.
  • The conveyance device : belt conveyor ( no flotation )
  • Straight slide way: high cutting precision and low noise
  SL4028 Parameter
Model SZ-SL4028                                                                                                      
Dimension 5320mm*3100mm
Max. Glass size 4000mm*2800mm
Working table height 900mm±50mm
weight 3000KG
Glass thickness 3-19mm
Power 8KW
Air compression 0.6MPa